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My name is Benoit Louvigny. I’m french.

This blog’s main goal is to help passionate chocolatiers, amateurs and professionals, create original recipes and improve them according to their specific taste.

I publish articles regularly to help passionate chocolate makers overcome their problems. You can ask me your questions on social media: Facebook, Linked In, Instagram.



Benoit Louvigny


How to make Chocolate Ganache?


The chocolate matter for you ?!       So do I .

 For chocolate maker professional or amateurs, problems are usually the same.

The approach angle is just different.

So, I’d like to help you, to guide you. 

Regularly I write some emails, where I share my experiences, tools, methods, …




I will address everything that is related to chocolate, ganaches, pralines, chocolate candy filling, coated, molded or dipped….

Technology and Techniques

These topics may seem boring to some, but they are the most exciting ones for me. The relationship between ingredients, their interaction and reaction to a technique or a recipe, but also the balancing of a recipe and preservation will be discussed…



This field covers all types of sweets. We will talk about all kinds of sweets, confectionery and candies. This includes cooked sugar candy, caramel, fudge, marshmallow, gum nougat, jams and jellies…